delhi temple

Hello there,

I am so glad you made it...

I can't wait to tell you the stories about being a delhi street dog!

This picture was taken when I was lying on a wall at the tomb of Humayun in Old Delhi.
Aren't I lucky, to have been born so near to some of the loveliest old buildings in India and therefore in the world!

delhi street dog rover
delhi street dog rover kalkin aditi puppies

Of course, Delhi street dogs don't live in buildings like the tomb of Humayun; we live where people don't disturb, capture or kill us. This is where I grew up, in a little corner of a little park, just near the Red Fort in Old Delhi.

The tourists at the Red Fort think 'Wow! What a wonderful building!' I agree with them! Then they eat a samosa or something from a snack seller, and say 'I'm so full, I couldn't eat another thing!' Because I can understand what they're saying, I come in, and grab the food as they throw it away. Then I take it to my Mum and my little brothers and sisters.